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Care Program

Veteran Alliance is a four-star of We Honor hospice care for veterans.  We are Veteran concentric care hospice contracted with Veteran Administration. Our dedicated Vet2Vet program Case Managers advocate and provide assistance to veteran services to our honored veterans. To help improve the care provided to veterans, Veteran Alliance Hospice implements ongoing veteran-centered education and training for its staff and volunteers.  Our veteran program is uniquely developed and managed by our CEO, Mai Shannon.


Veteran Alliance Hospice provides the services our veterans need to experience a more peaceful end-of-life. Veterans have unique needs related to military service, combat experience, or other traumatic events. Veteran Alliance Hospice recognizes these needs and provides them with the care and support they deserve unmatched by any other hospice.

Our Mission

About Veteran Alliance

Veteran Alliance USA is a non-profit arm of AMHA Hospice.

Veteran Alliance USA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that works directly with healthcare providers and veterans. Our work includes helping veterans at no cost, to file claims and navigate the VA system successfully.


For more information about what we do, please visit see our link to Veteran Alliance USA.

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Our Mission

We are committed to providing education to our partners in healthcare to create better outcomes for the care of our veterans. Our commitment is strongly supported by our knowledge of the veteran administrative process so we can eliminate the barrier of healthcare access to our veterans. We are dedicated to helping deliver timely and quality access of care for our underserved veterans.

We are here for you.

If you’d like to know more or to discuss care, please call us 24/7 at (480) 359-3998

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